Sunday, July 18, 2010

WISH card challenge end of week ten

As expected, a hideously expensive week.  Both cars needed filled with fuel and we also bought lots of fruit and veggies. I expected to spend around $150 but spent a whopping $202.04. Yipes.

This week will be much less expensive as we'll only need some fresh salad veggies and fruit.

Everyone was feeling much better but as we were all back at work and school,  lots of early nights and no sitting at the computer until late evening was the rule for last week.

I think we may just wring two weeks out of the WISH cards we have left.  Will all depend on how much we need to spend on  fuel. Cross your fingers for luck!

No movement in the stockpile fund.
Week ten, day seven

Gift cards $147.81
Stockpile $237.50
Spent so far $1752.19

Average spend: $175.22 per week

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